Rosarito Baja Mexico, colorful letter sign.

Road Trippers Guide: Baja California, Mexico Beach Vacation!

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Have you been to Baja California, Mexico? Well let me tell you, it’s a pretty fun and tasty place to go!

Since my Husband was a kid, his family has been going to Rosarito Mexico, (Which is on the Baja California peninsula.) every year for the past 18yrs, since 2002. When we got married, in 2015 they were excited to take me on this adventure too. In fact his family ditched us the day after we got married to go down there, haha. We were pretty sad, but then we didn’t really think about it while on our honeymoon, if you know what I mean! 😉 Anyway we did end up going about 6 months later and have gone 3 times since, in the last 4 years.

Let’s Get Started

You’ll see what we do, where we shop and our favorite places to eat! Fish tacos YUM!

Where to begin… I’ll start with the drive down. We pile into as many cars as it takes to get us all down there. Then begins the looooonnnngggg 16 hr drive. (Don’t forget to get insure your car and BRING the insurance papers with you to Mexico.)

Here’s a check I put together:

  • PASSPORTS (most important) Remember if you don’t have a passport to get one a few months in advance.
  • INSURANCE for your car (second most important)
  • Snacks
  • Water
  • Money(cash or pesos) In Rosarito, most people/places take U.S. dollars
  • Boogie Boards
  • Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs
  • Credit card See if your credit card will be charged extra to be used in Mexico. Be sure to tell them how long you will be gone and where you are going, so they know your card is not stolen.
How we travel to Mexico and yes those are stickers from two of our favorite taco places.

Ok, lets get back to the trip. On our way down we try to find at least one special place to stop and eat. This year we stopped at Burly Burger in South Weber, Ut. Justin’s parents had never been there before, and we could meet up with my family to say hi, also. It was, a win, win! If you haven’t read my best restaurants in the Ogden area post you can find it here.

To Break Up or Not Break up the Drive? That is the Question!

From there, we either drive half way to St. George or if we are feeling our Wheaties, we do the whole 16 hrs in one day. Wow, typing that out makes it even seem like a crazier thing to do! If we stop in St. George we get up around 5am to leave so that we can beat the traffic in Vegas. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, we want to be able to eat fish tacos, in Mexico by lunchtime!!!

Next time on the drive down, we want to stop and go to Disneyland. I’ll tell you about it when we do!

Welcome To Rosarito/Baja Mexico

Rosarito Love

Because of traffic, we got down to Rosarito a little later then planned. We still had Linner (lunch/dinner) at one of our favorite taco places. Mariscos Los Cabos! We love their tacos and go there at LEAST a couple times per trip.

Eating the first fish tacos, of our trip! At Mariscos Los Cabos

After we finished our tacos, we had to wait to check into our condo at La Paloma. We went to the store, Soriona Hyper and stocked up on groceries for the week. The things we love best are their pastries, apple yogurt, chokies, manzanita, pineapple soda and fruit. Don’t forget to get supplies to make Horchata and Pina Coladas.

What We Do On The Daily

We usually get up whenever we feel like it. For some of us that’s early to see the sunrise and watch the whales or dolphins and for others it’s enjoying sleeping in. Then we eat breakfast, which consists of apple yogurt, choristo eggs burritos or cereal.

If it’s warm enough, we either go to the beach or play pickleball!


This is the pickleball paddle I like to play with here. I like it because it’s nice and light and I have way more control over where my shots go.

When lunchtime rolls around we stop, and you guessed it! We hit another favorite taco place. After lunch we head back to the beach and stay there until the sun goes down or until it’s too chilly. Now it’s dinner time, if we don’t hit another taco joint, (which honestly isn’t very often haha) we make dinner in the condo. After dinner we enjoy relaxing in the hot tub, watching a movie or play games together! These are some of the game we like to play.

Oh and at least once per trip we go to the flea market and shop around. It’s next to the Carnitas La Flor De Michuagon #2.

What We Do At The Beach

What a day at the beach looks like for us.

Our set up on the beach!

We gather our tried and true: tommy bahama chairs, boogie boards, beach shade, beach blanket, spikeball, volleyball net, snacks, LOTS of water, towels, books and don’t forget the sunscreen, being sunburned is NOT fun… then we head for the beach!

Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs
Going down to the beach with our Tommy Bahama chairs and boogie boards!

I want to make mention of the Tommy Bahama chairs. We love these chairs because they have pockets for snacks, a cooler pocket for drinks. They are comfy, sit low to the ground and have shoulder straps for easy carrying. You can find these awesome chairs here!

PRO TIP we clip our boogie boards onto our Tommy Bahamas chairs and pack all of your snacks, books, water etc, etc… which makes going to the beach easier and only takes one trip. LOVE THEM! 

Playing Spikeball on the Beach!

We play spikeball more these day, than volleyball. The reason is, is it’s a LOT smaller to pack and to carry to the beach. And set up is a breeze! With Spikeball you can play with 2-6 people which makes it super convenient. Which can be nice, when someone is feeding a baby, dozing, reading a book or whatever. That’s why we love spikeball!

PRO TIP try playing when the tide is low and there is a few inches of water. You can thank me later! This is the the to the Spikeball set we use.

Setting up Spikeball!
Boogie Boarding in the Ocean
Riding waves on our boogies boards.

Favorite Places To Eat!

Now that I’ve been made you salivate all over this blog, with all this taco talk, lets actually get to the good stuff! Where do you go to get them? What we love order? and why? Yum I can taste them now! Can you?

Places we LOVE to eat: (we’ll go into more detail about each place.)

Mariscos Los Cabos
Mariscos los cabos fish taco! Don’t you just want to devour this taco?

Of course I already told you about Mariscos Los Cabos, it is one of our favorites. We love the pescado (fish taco) and camarron. (shrimp taco) We get manzantia (apple soda) to drink.

PRO TIP add lime to your manzanita Aaa mazing! Watch out for seeds!

Baja jr.
Baja Jr. try the pescadilla, You’ll love it!

Next on our list is Baja jr. This time, it was my personal favorite. We get the pescadilla, a fish taco with cheese and either maize (corn) or harina (flour) tortillas and of course add manzantia or pineapple soda to drink.

PRO TIP Don’t forget to try the different sauces. I love the spicy sauces! If you can’t do spicy, I would suggest beginning with the white sauce. Really that applies to any place you go in Rosarito.

Tacos El Yaqui
My cute hubby eating a Yaqui taco! Be jealous, oh of the taco too!

Tacos El Yaqui, is my favorite “non fish taco” place to go. It’s more of a traditional mexican taco, with carne asada and beans! Oh my goodness they are so good!

PRO TIP if you need to use the restroom, this is a good place to go, It’s clean!

The whole Clan enjoying Tacos El Yaqui tacos!
Carnitas La Flor De Michoacon #2

Carnitas La Flor De Michoacon #2, is right next to the flea market. We will go to the market and then we will go to dinner here. This is another more traditional food place. You order all the different foods, like al pasdor, beans, rice, and tortillas. You then add all the trimmings, like guac, cilantro, onions, etc…etc… it is so good! We love this place too!

Tacos El Zurdo
Look at the HUGE buritto!

Tacos El Zurdo, is the new place we tried this trip. We like to try one new place every time we go down. If we like it, it gets added to the favorites list, if not we know not to go there again haha. They have HUGE burritos here, LIKE HUGE!!! One fed my husband and me for two meals! And we aren’t light eaters… Two huge tortillas were packed with carne asada, al pastor and beans. They were delicious!

This is only half of one of the big burritos.
El Pechugon

El Pechugon is where we get whole chickens, rice and beans on Saturday night for our Sunday meal. We warm it up in the condos oven after church, it’s super tasty!

Wrapping Up

Well that’s it! We absolutely love going down to Rosatrito and spending quality time together, relaxing on the beach and playing games. If that sounds like your kind of vacation.

Then Rosarito is for YOU!!!!!

Here’s the recipe for the Pina Colada

“Full bellies and road trips make for more joyful journeys, this is just one Country Girls opinion! ENJOY!”

  • Have you ever been to Rosarito/Baja California Mexico?
  • What was your favorite fish taco or “non-fish” taco or food?
  • What were your favorite things to do?

Tell us about it in the comments below, we love to hear from you!

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