Best Restaurants in Ogden, Utah Area: Road Trippers Guide

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The best that Ogden has to offer, in terms of great eateries!

Ogden area is my old stompin’ ground, so to speak! So I have 20+ years of experience of eating at amazing places in this area 😉 I grew up in the small Ogden valley, (which is really 30 minutes east of Ogden) Or as us valleyites call it “the Valley!” I loved growing up there. We had anything you ever wanted to do, right in your own backyard, like snowboarding, snowmobiling, boating, hiking, biking, horseback riding…. etc, etc… and the list could go on and on! It was amazing! Maybe I’ll have to write a post about the Valley someday. Enough reminiscing… Now for the master list of great food!

Bella’s Fresh Mexican Grill

This Mexican cuisine is fabulous. So good in fact, we had our wedding luncheon catered by them! The Burrito Gordito with shredded beef, is my favorite. (but chicken is good too) Smothered with the red enchilada sauce, it is to die for! Chimichongas are fantasic as well. A family favorite is the Guacamole Fresco, which is an avocado salsa made table-side. It has ALL fresh ingredients, it is a very neat experience!

Pro tip: If you are a sauce person, get any burrito, then add the mommas creamy, cheesy white sauce!!!!! Sometimes I’ll order the Burrito Gordito with chicken and then add the mommas sauce! Can we say delicious? Yes, yes we can! Just FYI for some reason in my opinion the shredded beef, doesn’t go well with the mommas sauce. I thinks it’s because the beef is cooked with a red sauce.

Burly Burger – American

Oh my goodness! Burly Burger is the BEST!!! They have such unique and different burgers. Can we talk for a sec about their burgers? My absolute favorite is the Farley Burger, (buffalo chicken strip, with buffalo sauce, hamburger and blue cheese.) Fabulous! My husband prefers the Paul Bunyan, (hamburger topped with a beef frank, cheese, grilled onions and grilled mushrooms.) and the Mr T, (hamburger topped with pastrami, cheese and burly sauce.) Don’t let me get started on their fries! Dip them in the famous Utah fry sauce, they are so crispy and Aaaaammmmaazzing! Just try them, you can thank me later!

Kirts – American Diner

Their diner food is pretty good, but their, fries, shakes and Glaciers are where they stand out! Now if you are wondering what a Glacier is, it’s a very unique mix of a slushy/galato/shake/snowcone esk thing… Create your own unique combination of flavors. (I tried a new combo this last time I went, peach coconut! It was really tasty.) I love Tiger’s Blood. Trust me on this one! Just try one and you won’t be disappointed! The atmosphere is really “GROOVY”. Ordering is like stepping back into the 50’s. It always make me want to put a poodle skirt on and swing dance! HAHA

Fun fact, Kirt’s has been used in a movie.

Pro tip: For either dinner or as an appetizer go to the Pizza Man (basically next store to Kirt’s) and get their amazing breadtwists, then go over to Kirt’s and get dessert! Best of both worlds!

The Pizza Man – Italian

This is the breadtwist place I told you about above. You will want a whole box to yourself! They are garlicy, parmesany and delicious! Believe me, I take my carbs VERY seriously! If I’m going to add some inches to my waistline it had better be WORTH it! I’m kinda picky in that regard;) Weird I know!

Jakes Over the Top – American Diner

Okay, so I wouldn’t suggest getting their food. But oh my goodness, can I just tell you about their SHAKES!!!!??? Well They are literally OVER THE TOP, so creamy and HUGE! I’m a ice cream snob, so if I say it’s good ice cream I mean it! I guess I’m picky about most everything that involves eating!!!! HA!

Tony’s Grill and Sushi Bar – Japanese

I really like Tony’s because:

  • They have a deal for “all you can eat” at lunch time!
  • Their sushi rolls are Ah mazing!

Make sure to go hungry, so you can try all the different rolls. My favorite rolls are the NY Tempura and the California King. My husbands favorites are the Philadelphia and the TNT.

Crown Burger – American

Do you see that pastrami goodness? Crown Burger has the most amazing pastrami burger. Their fries and shakes will tantalize your taste buds too! Enough said.

Farr’s – 50’s Soda/Ice Cream Shoppe

I know what you’re thinking, another ice cream place? Okay, Okay… what can I say? I really love GOOD ice cream! Farr’s has been around FOREVER. (even my parents went when they were kids!) It’s decorated in 50’s style, it’s super iconic. Farr’s makes the ice cream themselves, it’s creamy and delicious. They have lots and lots of flavors. My personal favorite is their black licorice!!! I’m one of those people and proud of it! (Either you love it or hate it!) The other flavor I really like is pralines & cream. I do like to try new flavors each time I go. When I was a teenager this is the place we would go with my youth group, after church youth activities.

Look at those HUGE ice cream cones!
Tony’s Pizza- Italian

Tony’s is a hole in the wall type place. They have fabulous Italian style pizza. In addition their salad and house zesty Italian dressing, is a must. If it’s to your liking, dip your pizza crust in the dressing. We won’t judge you if you dip your whole pizza in the dressing as well;)

Mobettas – Hawaiian

Scrumptious! Wow their sauces are so tasty. The Katsu (fried) and Pulehu chicken are our favorites I like to mix the sweet & spicy with the teriyaki for a delicious combination!

Cafe Sabor – Mexican

Try their irresistible Spinach/Artichoke dip. I promise you won’t regret it! (I don’t even like spinach/artichoke dip usually) The Burrito Supreme and the Chimichanga are spectacular as well! DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT miss out on there fried ice cream! So worth the tad bigger waistline HA!

Nielsen’s – American Diner

Nielsen’s has THE best frozen custard! Their custard shakes (they call them concretes) are to DIE for! Some of my favorite flavors are: Oreo, (tried and true) caramel cheesecake and my new favorite is a holiday flavor, which is caramel pumpkin! I know, I know! It sounds a little weird, but is soooooo tasty!

Pro Tip: Make sure to take a little bit of Nielsen’s home with you and add it to your freezer with their take home raspberry hard custard.

Valley Market

Remember me telling you where I grew up? Well this is the little and only grocery store we had in the whole valley! They have the BEST potato logs and chicken strips, crispy and deliciously good! You order them from the deli. Make sure to order their homemade ranch on the side to dip in your logs and strips as well. Trust me it’s incredible!

Pro tip: If you’re going to order more than 10-15 potato logs or chicken, make sure you call ahead and preorder them. For starters, they will be fresh and secondly, you won’t have to wait for them. I usually call ahead when I’m 20-30 minutes out. then call. Make sure you have someone call that isn’t driving HA!

Pro Pro tip: Whenever I make it up to Eden, I ALWAYS get extra tators and chicken and freeze them for later! I warm them back up in my airfryer! This is the airfryer I use. It’s the best thing ever to warm up leftovers, especially deep fried leftovers! They taste, like they were just made. It’s fabulous!

Eats of Eden

Is a cozy home town eatery. They have a variety of foods, such as, soups, sandwiches, pastas and pizzas. Their unique chicken alfredo pizza, is my favorite. It has a huge fluffy crust, which is amazing!  

Hanumaru – Japenese

This is a charming family owned, small restaurant (think tiny house, it’s so cute.) that has really outstanding sushi and tempera fried veggies!

Cafe RioMexican

I just found that Cafe Rio is a western state restaurant…. What? I had no idea, until a friend from the midwest visited and they had never been to Cafe Rio. They loved it! So of course I had to add and share this delectable Mexican eatery. My go-to is the Shredded Beef Burrito, with black beans, rice, mild sauce. I always get it enchilada style. More sauce the better I say! My husbands go-to is the Hatch Chili Pork Burrito. It also has black beans, rice, mild sauce. Their salads are also phenomenal!

See those mini salads on the side? Genius right?

Pro Tip: If you can’t decide on either a salad or a burrito, get the lettuce and pico on the side. Then order some of their oh so creamy Tomatillo Dressing. Two for one, a burrito and a salad. Decision Made! The Tomatillo Dressing makes a killer sauce for your burrito as well, especially for this saucy loving lady!

Zeppes – Italian Ice/Custard

They have splendid Gelatas! Custard on the bottom, Italian Ice in the middle and Custard on top! Can’t get better than that! Fabulous flavors are coconut creme/mango, just mango, coconut creme/sunset splash or Tiger’s blood. It’s really tasty to add either the Coconut Creme or Piña Colada to any of the flavors, it adds a little more pzazz!

The Greenery – American Diner

Okay, let’s stop and talk a minute about their fluffy and scrumptious Mormon Muffins smothered in Honey Butter! All you need is a minute, because once you try them you are a goner. You won’t be able to stop eating them, you’ve been warned!

Slackwater – Modern Foodie Place

This is a really fun environment! It’s situated by the river and has huge glass doors that they open in the summer. The food is on the spendy side, but it is really spectacular. Their pizza is super tasty and their loaded baked nachos are to die for!

Kneaders – European/American Bakery

Started in Orem, Utah, it has grown to have many restaurants in Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada and Texas. Needless to say , if you haven’t been there, you should! They have really delicious breads, baked goods, sandwiches, breakfast items and my all time favorite, is drum roll…. Their all you can eat French Toast!!!!!!! This french toast is so thick and tasty. It comes with the creamiest, carameliest, buttery goodness, they call syrup! Added to this is their homemade whipped cream and strawberries. It’s Ambrosia itself!

Mod Pizza

Mod Pizza is a little different than most pizza places. You can either build your own pizza or get one of their specialty pizzas. I get the 11 inch build your own pizza with white sauce, spinach, garlic, chicken, pepperoni, salami, sausage, spicy sausage, asiago, mozzarella, and shredded parmesan cheese. (Breath) Salt and pepper, rosemary, oregano and more white sauce on top. Wow what a mouth full! And a belly full HA! YUM!

El Matador – Mexican

Mexican Again?? Yep;) I couldn’t pass this one up. The Chimichanga and Enchiladas are my favorites, but my parents get the Veracruz and share it. They LOVE the jumbo shrimp that comes with it! If you are feeling dessert, (let’s be real who doesn’t feel dessert?) get some of their Sopapillas, Mmm Mmm good!

Fun Fact: My parents have been married for 50 yrs and this was one of their first dates. This tells you how long it’s been around 🙂

Old Grist Mill Bakery/Soups

The Grist Mill has THE most amazing Raspberry Sweet Rolls!!!! Try them, just do it! They have really flavorful/fluffy breads too! The pumpkin is my favorite, it’s the Holidays in a loaf! Their soups are tasty and have lots of flavor. There are a variety of different kinds daily, I like the cream of potato best, but my mom loves the vegetable beef and wild rice soups. There are three locations: Ogden, Logan and Brigham City.


The thing that makes Pizzaria unique, is that you can mix their sauces. For instance we love to mix their medium and spicy sauces, on the Meat Lovers and Carnivore pizzas. Mixing the Alfredo and Marinara sauce together make for a tasty combination as well. Personally I love their Chicken Alferdo pizza! (I make sure to have leftovers to take home, even if that means ordering another Alfredo pizza)

Timbermine – Steak House

The Timbermine is a pretty pricey place to go. Like us you may have to save up for it HA! It’s such a great environment. It’s like stepping back into an old mining camp, it’s really really cool! The white Gold (halibut) and the Fresh Gold (salmon) are outstanding and fall apart in your mouth. Actually this is where I first learned I liked halibut!

Side Note: This is a great place to have a wedding luncheon or any celebration. One of my best friends had her wedding luncheon here and she loved it! (so did I hehe)

Crumbl Cookie

Cookie places have been popping up all over the place, but this one is scrumptiously delicious. They change up their cookie flavors every week. These are the ones (shown below in the picture) we’ve gotten the last few times. My family is funny, we like to taste test all the different kinds of cookies (or any kind of food really 🙂 ) and see what are everyone’s favorites. It’s quite fun! Haha

Picture of cookies at Crumbl Cookies
Some of our favorite are: the Dirt Cake, upper left. Cinnamon Swirl, bottom middle. Chilled Coconut Lime, bottom left.
Picture of Caramel Popcorn, Cotton Candy, Stuffed Nutella and Raspberry Lemonade. Cookies at the Crumbl Cookie.
Caramel Popcorn, Cotton Candy, Stuffed Nutella and Raspberry Lemonade.
Paisa Grill – Mexican

This Grill is an authentic Mexican restaurant and is buffet style. Their specialty is an all you can eat Taco Bar. You have them put whatever you want on your taco, then go back and enjoy eating that taco goodness. If you are still hungry, then you can repeat the same process as many times as you want. Order. Eat. Repeat. As you walk in, you can hear the engaging Latin music playing. It puts you in the mood to dance, which you can do! It’s great!

Beehive Cheese

This isn’t a restaurant, but a charming artisan cheese shoppe! It is pricey, but its worth it, if you are a Cheese Foodie! In this house we LOVE the Cajun Cheese! Other favorites are apple walnut smoked and promontory. Get your squeaky cheese curds here- Can you here the squeak? YUM!

Fun Fact: One year for my birthday my sister gave me a whole wheel of Cajun Cheese haha

Eating a quarter of the wheel of the birthday Cajun Cheese!

“Full bellies make for more joyful journeys, this is just one Country Girls opinion! ENJOY!”

  • What are your favorites restaurants in the Ogden, area?
  • If I’ve missed any amazing eateries, please let me know, so I can try them out and enjoy them too!


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