Top 5 Best Restaurants in Ogden, Utah Area: Road Trippers Guide

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This is my short and sweet list of my all time favorite eateries in the Ogden, Utah area. I find that these are the restaurants I keep coming back to for more. They are my go-to’s! If you can’t get enough of these amazing restaurants, try out my master list below.

Here is MORE in depth Master List of restaurants in the Ogden, Ut area

Bella’s Fresh Mexican Grill

This Mexican cuisine is fabulous. So good in fact, we had our wedding luncheon catered by them! The Burrito Gordito with shredded beef, is my favorite. (but chicken is good too) Smothered with the red enchilada sauce, it is to die for! Chimichongas are fantasic as well. A family favorite is the Guacamole Fresco, which is an avocado salsa made table-side. It has ALL fresh ingredients, it is a very neat experience!

Pro tip: If you are a sauce person, get any burrito, then add the mommas creamy, cheesy white sauce!!!!! Sometimes I’ll order the Burrito Gordito with chicken and then add the mommas sauce! Can we say delicious? Yes, yes we can! Just FYI for some reason in my opinion the shredded beef, doesn’t go well with the mommas sauce. I thinks it’s because the beef is cooked with a red sauce.

Burly Burger – American

Oh my goodness! Burly Burger is the BEST!!! They have such unique and different burgers. Can we talk for a sec about their burgers? My absolute favorite is the Farley Burger, (buffalo chicken strip, with buffalo sauce, hamburger and blue cheese.) Fabulous! My husband prefers the Paul Bunyan, (hamburger topped with a beef frank, cheese, grilled onions and grilled mushrooms.) and the Mr T, (hamburger topped with pastrami, cheese and burly sauce.) Don’t let me get started on their fries! Dip them in the famous Utah fry sauce, they are so crispy and Aaaaammmmaazzing! Just try them, you can thank me later!

Burly Burger
Crown Burger – American

Do you see that pastrami goodness? Crown Burger has the most amazing pastrami burger. Their fries and shakes will tantalize your taste buds too! Enough said.

Nielsen’s – American Diner

Nielsen’s has THE best frozen custard! Their custard shakes (they call them concretes) are to DIE for! Some of my favorite flavors are: Oreo, (tried and true) caramel cheesecake and my new favorite is a holiday flavor, which is caramel pumpkin! I know, I know! It sounds a little weird, but is soooooo tasty!

Pro Tip: Make sure to take a little bit of Nielsen’s home with you and add it to your freezer with their take home raspberry hard custard.

Valley Market

Remember me telling you where I grew up? Well this is the little and only grocery store we had in the whole valley! They have the BEST potato logs and chicken strips, crispy and deliciously good! You order them from the deli. Make sure to order their homemade ranch on the side to dip in your logs and strips as well. Trust me it’s incredible!

Pro tip: If you’re going to order more than 10-15 potato logs or chicken, make sure you call ahead and preorder them. For starters, they will be fresh and secondly, you won’t have to wait for them. I usually call ahead when I’m 20-30 minutes out. Make sure you have someone call that isn’t driving HA!

Pro Pro tip: Whenever I make it up to Eden, I ALWAYS get extra tators and chicken and freeze them for later! I warm them back up in my airfryer! This is the airfryer I use. It’s the best thing ever to warm up leftovers, especially deep fried leftovers! They taste, like they were just made. It’s fabulous!


Plus just one more as a bonus.


Cafe RioMexican

I just found that Cafe Rio is a western state restaurant…. What? I had no idea, until a friend from the midwest visited and they had never been to Cafe Rio. They loved it! So of course I had to add and share this delectable Mexican eatery. My go-to is the Shredded Beef Burrito, with black beans, rice, mild sauce. I always get it enchilada style. More sauce the better I say! My husbands go-to is the Hatch Chili Pork Burrito. It also has black beans, rice, mild sauce. Their salads are also phenomenal!

See those mini salads on the side? Genius right?

Pro Tip: If you can’t decide on either a salad or a burrito, get the lettuce and pico on the side. Then order some of their oh so creamy Tomatillo Dressing. Two for one, a burrito and a salad. Decision Made! The Tomatillo Dressing makes a killer sauce for your burrito as well, especially for this saucy loving lady!

“Full bellies make for more joyful journeys, this is just one Country Girls opinion! ENJOY!”

  • What are your top 5 favorite restaurants in the Ogden, area?

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