20+ Things You Can Do As A Couple Or A Small Group During Covid 19 Isolation

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Has anyone else been feeling bored or stuck in your home, during all this craziness?

Well I sure have! I’m sure many of you have too. I thought I’d put together a list of some things you can do while in quarantine, to help the time go by more quickly. An added bonus is to spend more time together and strengthen relationships.

I’m going to have two list;

  1. More active things to do.
  2. More chill things to do.

List #1:

Active things to do as a couple (or small group)

We love to be active and play sports such as:

  1. Pickleball – This is my favorite paddle, you can find it HERE
  1. Spikeball – We’ve used off brand ones before, but we still love OURS the most! It is so compact, easy to set up and we think has a better net, most likely because you can adjust the net to your liking, it’s great! Find the one we love HERE. Also here is my post about playing Spikeball on the beach, check it out!
  1. Volleyball – This one you have to have at least 4 people. or just pepper back and forth with 2-3 people which is fun as well.
  1. Horse Shoes
  1. Camping – this is the awesome TRUCK TENT, we LOVE! We’ve even used it in the rain and we didn’t get a drop of water on us!
  1. Exercise Together – I know, I know, I had to add this one in. We are all feeling a bit more puffy than we were before quarantine, at least I know I am HA. If you don’t then kudos to you!
  1. Go for a Walk – We take our dogs with us and they LOVE it. The bonus is we both get to run our wiggly energy out. So it’s a win/win for everyone!
  1. Play Disc Golf – Find out if you have a local course around your area. If not you could make your own course in your yard or at a park near by. (Make sure you’re not going to hurt “hit” anyone or damage property)

List #2:

Less active things to do.

If you love card or board games this list is for you, here are some of our favorites:

  1. Bonanza aka the Bean Game – This one has definitely been one we have loved playing lately, because there are a few different ways to play it. We just keep changing up the rules. For instance, we will sometimes play that you can start with 7 cards and 3 beans fields. Another fun variation you can do is, you have to harvest right when you get a full field. Well you get the point, the possibilities are endless. Here is where you can get the BEAN GAME.
  1. Settlers of Catan – This game you do have to get creative if you want to play with just two players. What we do is play with two colors and combine them for each player. We play that you have to get 15-20 points to win. Get Settlers of Catan HERE.
  1. Games with Rook Cards – I put this one down, because you can definitely play the actual rook game with a group. We use rook cards for almost every game, except for the actual Rook game, it seems like. Lately our favorites are either May I (you can play with two, but it is better to play with four or more.) or CRAZY (kind of like hearts, but way better). Also you can get rook cards HERE.
  1. Big Buck Blaster – Story time, My husband and I are kind of nerds, we like going to Fat Cats arcade. We play the games like Skeeball and Big Game Hunter for our date nights. And then sometimes we go bowling too. One date night my hubby said, “I think this Big Game Hunter game can be played on a TV. So when we got home, we started researching, (when I say we I really mean my hubby!) He ended up finding this one. We love it! Since quarantine this has been a lifesaver for our dates in.
  1. Play the Kinect – Do people even play Kinect anymore?? Well we do and we like it! This one technically can be in both lists, depending on if it’s a physical game or not.
  1. Play the Board Game Parcheesi – It’s like the game sorry, but for adults! It’s great. Find it HERE.
  1. Do a Puzzle – If you like classic Disney movies this one and this one are fun puzzles. They come with 4 different Disney puzzles. What we like to do is, split up into teams and race to see who can finish first. This brings out teamwork AND competitiveness! It’s the best haha
  1. Dice Games

Bonus List:

Ok, I know I told you only two lists, but here is a third for you, as a bonus.
  1. Go for a Drive – I love to do this, because it gives us time to talk and enjoy each others company. Seeing the beauty of this world, is amazing!
  1. Get Take Out – Either take your food home to eat or go on a romantic picnic. You can even go for a drive and get food at the same time! WHAT!? A two for one again booyahh! if you’re in the Northern Utah area and need ideas for great food, check out this post about my favorite restaurants.
  1. Get Creative! – I remember, one Christmas Eve night, we put all the kids to bed and while Santa was “coming” the “Elves” found a shiny purple ball. One of my brothers said “I bet a can roll this ball and make it land on that hairband, lying on the floor.” We all agreed! That was the beginning of a whole night of rolling that shiny purple ball off peoples backs, between legs, getting closest to the Christmas tree and creating teams. Each team would take a turns coming up with a new obstacle course for the purple ball. It was a blast! You really don’t need much to be creative! I know those elves didn’t get much sleep that night, but they had lots of fun and made lasting memories. To this day we still laugh about that Christmas Eve night and that shiny purple ball! Which is what life is all about!
  1. Cook a special meal together
  1. Play games on zoom with family or friends – These games work really well. Code Names (when buying code names, be careful there are a lot of different versions out there, most are fun, but there is an “adult” version. So make sure to get the right one! by brother made that mistake and had to send it back haha), dice game OR Jack Box TV explained below↓ Any other games you can think of? Let us know!
  1. Jack Box TV – These games are great to play on zoom, because you can see and connect with people you play with. Jack Box TV games are so much fun! Our favorite is Quiplash!!! Give it a try! This one does have some cost to play. We recently played with a group of friends and it is a lot of fun. You play group games together on your phones and computers/tvs. It’s a great way to get together with long distance family or friends!

“Full bellies and fun memories make for more joyful journeys, this is just one Country Girls opinion! ENJOY!”

What games or things have you done in this quarantine? Or not even in quarantine, but love to do as a couple or small group? Comment at the bottom! We love hearing from you!

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